About Us

Even though our equipment is state-of-the-art, our commitment to you is to provide you with good old-fashioned customer service. We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to prove that Houston Tea and Beverage can deliver the products your customers want in the sizes you need when you need them. So when you make us your supplier for iced tea, we’ll be proud to say, “Whatever it takes, it can be done!”

Why choose Houston Tea and Beverage over other private label packers? Unlike other companies, we have no minimum order! Our experienced tea tasters and R&D team helps small, medium and large companies, including foodservice suppliers, coffee roasters, and convenience stores to add this highly profitable beverage to their product lists.  Here are some important reasons why your company will benefit from adding fresh-brewed iced tea to your offerings:

Widespread acceptance by today’s health conscious consumers as well as the scientific and medical communities that tea is a healthy beverage

More than 80% of tea consumed in the United States is fresh-brew iced tea, and that’s expected to grow as consumers move away from high-calorie soft drinks and sugary energy drinks.

“A national survey released this week [August 22, 2011] found 10% of U.S. consumers are purchasing more iced tea by the cup or glass than they did two years ago,” noted Dan Bolton, Editor of World Tea News. He revealed that 34% of consumers report drinking dispensed iced tea while hot tea was the choice of 28% of customers.

According to Mike Dempsey of Nation’s Restaurant News on October 26, 2011, “Tap water is one of the fastest-growing beverage orders at U.S. restaurants, according to the NPD Group. Meanwhile, sales of revenue-producing drinks are declining, the consumer research firm said.” He points out the good news for tea purveyors, “the sale of iced tea, a longtime staple in restaurants, is increasing…”

So let us show you how you can generate sales and profits through the sale of black, green, decaffeinated and flavored iced teas. Call us today to make us today to make us your partners in tea profitability.