Company History

Founded in 1994 as a local tea packer, Houston Tea and Beverage has grown to be a national packer of private label (leaf) iced tea. In November of 2010 we were acquired by Dupuy Storage Houston. Today, our satisfied customers include foodservice operators, brokers, and distributors, as well as coffee roasters and other institutional wholesalers located throughout the United States.

Did you know?  The Prohibition Era (1920-1933) saw a growth in iced tea because average Americans were forced to find alternatives to illegal beer, wine, and alcohol. Iced tea recipes begin appearing routinely in most Southern cookbooks during this time. That should come as no surprise since iced tea is a staple of the Southern diet. As Southerners, we are truly passionate about iced tea and our goal is to provide great-tasting, freshly brewed iced tea to tea-lovers everywhere!