Unlike brokers or other companies that manufacture several different beverages, we at Houston Tea & Beverage specialize in one beverage only, iced tea.

With our singular focus and buying power, we’re able to bring you unparalleled R&D capabilities, tea expertise and very competitive pricing for all of our stock items and private label products.

In addition to offering you the standard “filter pouch” and “open brew package” sizes listed below, Houston Tea and Beverage’s state-of-the-art packaging equipment allows us the flexibility to provide you with any specialty pack sizes you may need.  Our inventory includes the following crowd-pleasing fruit flavors:  black currant,  mango, mango/peach, peach/apricot, raspberry and tropical fruit.

PackagingOur team has R&D experience with black, green, decaffeinated and flavored teas. So we’ll be glad to help you create your own signature private label iced teas.  Please contact us at 800-585-4549 or 832-384-7780 or email us  for more information.

Standard-Size Iced Teas  (Black, Green & Decaf)
96/1 oz. Filter Pouch Tea
32/3 oz. Filter Pouch Tea
24/4 oz. Filter Pouch Tea
32/4 oz. Filter Pouch Tea

Standard-Size Filter Pouch Natural Flavored Iced Teas
12/4 oz. Black Currant Tea
12/4 oz. Peach/Apricot Tea
12/4 oz. Raspberry Tea
12/4 oz. Mango Tea
12/4 oz. Tropical Fruit Tea
12/4 oz. Mango/Peach TeaBerries

Standard-Size Open Brew Iced Tea Packs (Black, Green & Decaf)
24/4 oz. Open Brew Tea
32/4 oz. Open Brew Tea

Please note: All shipping is FOB Houston, Texas. We will work with our preferred carriers to get you the best freight rates available.